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Dispelling the Most Common Myths About Being an Escort

Written by Michelle

She is no dumb escort

When you hear the word escort what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Many people quickly associate escorts with prostitutes. In fact, when many people hear the word escorts they tend to have a negative opinion. This negative opinion often stems from the myths surrounding escort services and comparing it to “the oldest profession in the world.” However, this is not the case as prostitution and escorts are different professions. While prostitutes are paid for sex, escorts simply spend quality time with their clients and show them a good time while they are in town.

Here are some of the common myths about escorts that you should know.

All Escorts are Prostitutes

As already mentioned, this is not the case. The job description of an escort is what the name implies, these women escort men to social events and provide companionship.

Escorts are Unhygienic

This is simply not the case. Escorts who work for agencies are typically very good looking women who take good care of themselves. These women make it a point to look great for their clients and they also do everything they can to make sure that their clients have a great time while they are out together.

Escorts are Dumb Bimbos

This is one of the myths that really needs to be debunked. Many of the women who work as escorts are extremely intelligent. A lot of these women have a college education or are pursuing a degree. In addition, many of these women are from all over the world and they are amazing at dealing with any type of social situation that they are placed in. These women are smart, social, and fun to be around.

Men Who are With Escorts are Losers

What man does not enjoy spending time with a beautiful woman? The great thing about seeing an escort is that you get to spend time with a gorgeous woman and there are no strings attached.

Just because a man doesn’t want to have a serious relationship or just wants to have some female companionship does not make them a loser.

When it comes down to it, most escorts are really great women who just enjoy being in the company of men. They love entertaining their clients and they are happy to try their best to make sure that each of the men that they go out with has a great time while they are together.

The myths surrounding the profession are really just that, myths. Fortunately, there are many men and women out there who see through these myths and they are the ones who are truly living life to the fullest.