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Don't Have a Date for a Superbowl Party Yet? Get a Hot One!

Written by Brianna

Brianna can be your Superbowl date!Las Vegas is a great place to take in the Superbowl as there are many unique and fun ways to watch the game. You can have fun at one of the bar parties around town, including Cabo Wabo, Rockhouse at The Venetian, PBR Rock Bar and Grill, Beer Park at Paris or Pete Rose Bar and Grill. You can catch the game at a nightclub, such as Crazy Horse III, TAO, Lavo, and Surrender at Wynn. Restaurants offer many specials for the game, including CRUSH, La Cave at Wynn, Carmines, Slice of Vegas, and Public House. Games are displayed at all the sports books in town, with Bellagio, Aria, Green Valley Ranch, Palazzo and Mandalay Bay being favorites. Or you can host your own party, and invite all of your friends and family. While the Superbowl is not traditionally an event that you need to bring a date a long to, bringing a smoking hot girl along can help you to impress your friends, family or co-workers. If you aren't seeing anyone, here are a few ways to get that hot date before the Superbowl goes down.

Check Out the Bars

There are many great bars around the Las Vegas area, so finding women in the bars shouldn't be too challenging. However, a lot of the people who frequent bars are not local. As such, you could spend your time chatting up one beauty, only to discover she's not going to be in town for the big event. And if you lead in asking if the girl is going to be in town for the Superbowl, it is obvious you are looking for a date and you may come across as desperate. So, this could be a great way to find a date or a poor one, depending on your luck.

Ask a Friend

If you have friends who are in the same age range as you, ask them to set you up with one of their friends that you may not know yet. This is the perfect way to socialize and expand your social circle. And because you both share mutual friends, there is already a strong possibility you have common interests. However, there are a couple of downsides to this. First, going on a blind date can be awkward. While your friend may have your best interests at heart, you may find that they really don't know what you are attracted to and set you up with someone who isn't your type. Or worse, you may find that your friend has shared embarrassing stories about you, such as when you got drunk and puked in their car, or complete an embarrassing task in a drunken game of truth or date.  If you are brave, asking a friend to set you up with someone can help you get a date for a Superbowl Party.

Call an Escort Service

If you don't have the time or desire to hit up bars or nightclubs looking for a date, don't trust your friends to set you up with someone, or simply want a beautiful woman to accompany you, consider calling a Las Vegas escort service. You can get a hot woman to be your date and best of all, all of your friends will be wondering how you managed to score such a hot woman so far out of your league. You can impress your friends, co-workers and even your family with your beautiful date. Escorts will keep your secrets, so they won't tell anyone you paid them to be there and will play along with your story of how impressive your pick-up skills were at your favorite bar and restaurant and how you charmed her into being your date for the night. And better yet, you never know where the night will end or what kind of fun you and your date will have when the party ends.

There are many ways to find a date for a Superbowl party. You can hit on women in bars, clubs or while out gambling. You can ask friends to set you up. You can try to find women on Vegas backpage or Craigslist. But if you want a woman that is guaranteed to be hot and turn heads, don't waste your time on any of the above. Hit up an escort service and impress your friends, family and co-workers with your stunning date.