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Freemont Street Is A Great Place For Celebrating NYE

Written by Martina

juno5Las Vegas is known for the glamour and glitz associated with the area. Most people immediately think about "the Strip" as this is the most popular area in Las Vegas. Freemont Street is a close second. This street is every bit as exciting on New Year's Eve. Here's why.

The Sounds And Lights Can't Be Beat

Freemont Street has the world's largest video screen situated right above the pedestrian mall. People walk under this display in awe and watch nightly light and sound shows on the screen as well. This screen is nestled 90 feet above and is 1,500 feet long so you won't miss anything while you stroll up and down the street. You'll love the crisp, clear images and loud-sound projection. This helps to prime people for the upcoming fireworks, which has its own sound and light to appreciate. Grab a date and appreciate the awe she will feel as she walks through the street at your arm. You'll be close-by to help encourage her to show her excitement.

People Congregate In Flocks For Fireworks Shows

Freemont Street is user-friendly and a wonderful vantage point for watching fireworks. Its proximity to the seven hotels that intend on setting off a light and sound display for midnight makes it a featured area that many people turn to for this holiday. This makes it extremely fun as the crowd will pump each other off with anticipation of the upcoming new year. 

Don't sit through the fireworks on your own. Instead, call us to set up a date with one of our stunning escorts. She'll make recommendations regarding the best spot to see the display, and will be there to hold you as you ooh and ahh at the colors and sounds.

Plenty Of Entertainment Within Walking Distance

Freemont Street includes five blocks of businesses to entice customers to come inside. This includes over sixty restaurants, numerous bars and lounges, and casinos. Grab a beautiful date for the occasion and bring her out for something to eat, drink and do. In addition to traditional establishments, Freemont Street has street entertainment for your convenience. The Freemont Street Experience will be in full swing for New Year's Eve and boasts 12 bands on four stages for your pleasure. This is a ticketed event so be sure to grab yours in advance.

If you are bringing a date, be sure to keep her close as there will be large crowds of people to contend with. Stop at a few casinos to try your hand at luck, grab a bite to eat, watch some concerts being performed, and secure your firework-watching location early so you have the best view possible. Afterward, bring your date back to your place for a nightcap. What a perfect evening!