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Juno And Destiny Share A Date

Written by Juno

juno3 lvp10sThere's always a time where a date comes along that surpasses your expectations when it comes to being an escort. I am Juno, and I am one of the escorts available for hire. I work with another woman, Destiny, and we are the best of friends. We, however, never had the opportunity to work together. Sure we would get together and shoot the breeze about the clients we have served, but one day we got the thrill of a lifetime. Read on to find out about this special session!

It Was A Normal Day In The Escort World

We are on call and will be alerted when someone wants to have a date with us. I was at home and got the text message indicating there was an important client in town that wanted to meet up with me. Great! That means some cash in my pocket and the chance to go out and do something fun. I dressed the part and head out to the meeting point hoping to find a client that wanted to get to know me better. When I arrived, I was stunned to see Destiny hanging out on the arm of a handsome man. Did she happen to be in the area with one of her clients? When they both saw me, they indicated that I was to join them...what? I'm part of this date too? This was a new one for me!

We Had The Time Of Our Lives

There's something about being with one of your friends that puts you completely at ease. With Destiny there, all my fears completely went away. Usually, I get a bit nervous when it comes to meeting someone new. You aren't sure what they expect and you want to make them happy. Well, this guy was totally happy already because he had two beautiful women giving him all their attention! We went out to dinner, and he sat between each of us. He made sure to give us equal attention, plenty of touches, and lots of compliments. We went to some casinos and he struck it big! He shared the earnings with us and it really helped out with bills. Then we went to one of the poshest nightclubs in the area. He really enjoyed watching the two of us dance together....think about Dirty Dancing...that was the theme when it came to gyration on the floor.

The Nightcap Will Be One To Remember

With all the fun out and about, how could we possibly have more? Our client brought us back to his hotel room, and we were not sure what was to come. We decided this guy was going to get the VIP treatment because of his gracious giving. We whispered in the limo to each other and sprang it on him when we got into his room. We started the strip tease immediately. Imagine two women, stripping and touching each other...then touching the client. Afterward, we gave him a massage....double the fun and double the pleasure. Totally nude women straddling him and kneading away the stress. The rest isn't up for is private and so bizarre, yet intimate. I can't believe how sexy the night was and how fast it went!