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Michelle Shares Secrets For A Fun Bachelor Party

Written by Michelle

michelle3 lvp10sWhen a guy decides to pop the big question to his partner, there's bound to be a celebratory event with his closest comrades is it gets closer to his wedding date. I'm Michelle, and I'm just one of the pretty escorts with plenty of experience in keeping guys happy at bachelor parties in the Vegas area. Here are a few secrets I have found help to spice up this type of event, making it one that participants will remember long after it comes to an end.

Make Sure You Have A Theme For The Event

Most people will be more apt to remember an event if there is a designated theme in place. Having a party where "casino night" or a football-inspired focus is set will help promote the atmosphere desired. It isn't difficult to decide upon a theme. Simply think about what the guest of honor's hobbies are and use this as a starting point. Use the theme on invitations and with the party supplies you purchase. Encourage those attending to wear apparel that matches the theme as well. If you hire strippers, they'll also get in on the action!

Unlimited Drinks And Food Is A Must

You don't want to limit your guests when it comes to food and alcohol. A bachelor party requires alcohol, even if the guest-of-honor is not going to be drinking himself. Hiring a sexy woman bartender to provide guests with their beverages is always a plus. It is best to have the event catered so you don't need to worry about food preparation. That is unless you enjoy this type of work! Buffet-style and finger foods allow for guests to mingle while they eat, keeping the atmosphere of the bachelor party light-hearted rather than formal.

Don't Skimp On The Entertainment You Provide

When it comes to a bachelor party, there are two definites when thinking about entertainment: music and women. Without one of these, the party won't be as thrilling for those who attend. Hire a disc jockey or compile a music list to play on your own. Make sure you have ample speakers so the music is heard by all! Consider some karaoke for a laugh. 

Women are also needed at a bachelor party. Men attending look forward to having sexy women to feast their eyes upon and flirt with during this type of event. Hiring escorts for those in attendance allows them to relax and have fun with someone ready to party. Having strippers available will get the men in the mood for a real celebration. Do not make the mistake of not having readily-available women on board for a bachelor party. They know how to get the crowd excited and keep them enthralled throughout the party. Make sure to have a specific woman set aside for the guest-of-honor as well!