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Susan Explains Why She Loves A Happy Ending

Written by Susan

susan1 lvp10sEverything that starts eventually ends. Sure things can go on forever, but in most cases, there is a high point to any type of action. My name is Susan, and I am just one of the many escorts available to provide you with companionship on any level. If you hire me or one of my coworkers, you'll have the benefit of having a sexy woman to spend time with you wherever you wish. When you get back to your place at the end of your time together, there are usually questions about what takes place. Let me assure you, you'll be completely pleased. Here's why I love a happy ending when spending time with a client.

You'll Learn Something New

Anytime you spend time with a new woman, there's bound to be some experiences you didn't ever have in the past. Everyone is different, meaning, you'll hear new stories, find out new information, and be able to explore the body of someone you haven't ever seen before. With this newness comes curiosity. I will allow you to act upon your impulses, leaving you completely satiated when I need to leave. The goodbye is not at all sad, but rather intriguing and fulfilling as you will feel as though I had answered a question that you were pondering for quite some time. 

Urges You Have Will Be Addressed

You'll have trouble keeping your hands off of me or any of the pretty women I work with. That is a given. The best thing about hiring an escort is that you can act on this without any ill effects. Did you want to end off your date with a sexy striptease rather than heading to a strip joint to see nudity? I or the escort you choose will be happy to comply. How about a relaxing massage to soothe your muscles and make you sleep like a baby? This is a must-try. Do you have a fetish that you want to explore with a woman who doesn't know you personally? Bring it on! 

There Is A Sense Of Closure

You might be in Las Vegas on business or pleasure. You may live in the area but have a girlfriend or wife to deal with back at home. You might just want to feel the closeness of a woman for one night. Whatever your reason for hiring an escort, the ending of your date signifies closure. You want to make it a positive experience. I'll go out of my way to make sure that whatever we decide to do together will remain in your mind long after I leave. You want to feel fulfilled and pleased with our time together. I assure you, you will.