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Upcoming Fights: What You Need to Know

Written by Naomi

The Las Vegas Fight Schedule Is Filled With Excitement

naomi3If you are traveling to Las Vegas this April, you may be interested in taking in a fight. If you have never been to a fight in Vegas, there are a few things you may want to know. Here are a list of things you should know as you prepare and go to a fight night in Las Vegas.

What Fights Are Taking Place

There are two big fights taking place in April in Las Vegas. The first is a boxing fight. The headlining fight is Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 taking place on April 9 at MGM Grand Arena. The second fight is a UFC fight. The headlining fight is Cormier vs Jones, taking place on April 23. This fight is also at MGM Grand Arena.

Arrive Early

There are generally anywhere from eight to ten fights on both the box and UFC fights. The headlining fights generally don't take place until around 7 to 8ish in the evening but the fights typically start around 1 to 2 in the afternoon. Even though the names on the undercard may be unfamiliar, many of these fighters put on a great show. They are trying to advance in their career and fight hard to show the judges and crowd who they are. Arriving early allows you to take in these amazing fights.

Bring in Alcohol

Few people realize this, but MGM allows you to bring in a beer or drink, as long as it isn't in a glass bottle. Stop at one of the bars on your way in for your favorite cocktail at a slightly lesser price than you will be charged inside of the arena.

Bring a Hot Date

Part of the fun of attending fight night is that there is plenty of eye candy. Men make a statement at these events by coming with a beautiful woman on their arm. If you don't have anyone to bring, consider using Las Vegas escort agencies. You can hire Las Vegas call girls for the night, ensuring you have  a hot date for one of these amazing fights.

Find a Date for the After Parties

If you have decided to just go to the fights with a few of your buddies, instead of a date, you will want to find a date for the after parties. The after parties take place in a variety of clubs on the strip. You may be able to find a date at the fight, but chances are, all of the women will be there with a date. Instead, consider hiring Las Vegas escort girls. These girls direct to you will come to you and accompany you to the party, making it a night none of you will forget.

Going to a fight in Las Vegas can be a lot of fun. However, you want to be prepared. Learning what fights take place while you are there, arriving early, bringing in alcohol and making sure you have a hot date for the fight or after parties will ensure your night is mind blowing.