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About Perfect 10s

You haven't seen beautiful until you've seen a perfect 10. Growing up in the south I crossed paths with a fair amount of southern bells. The kind of girls who smile nice for the debutante ball but, underneath the blonde hair, the dimples, and the southern charm, there's a naughty, wild side just waiting to gallop free (and yes, debutante balls are still a thing).

I had fun trying to wrangle my share of these beauts. Girls with southern accents that would make you forget your own mom's name and laughs as smooth as a swooning guitar ballad. But upon stepping foot in Las Vegas for the first time I quickly discovered I didn't have a clue what a perfect 10 was. At least until making my way through the Sin City scene. That first time all my senses came to life. I wanted to spend time with every single one of them. I wanted the chase, and yet I wanted them all as quickly as possible! 

Well, I'll tell you it's a daunting task to try and lasso in a perfect 10 without a little help. Without a wingman that knows a thing or two about Las Vegas private strippers and the ins and outs of how do strip clubs work. I'm here to be that wingman for you. To give you the pointers I wish I had when boot and spur finally stepped onto the strip (okay, so I didn't have my spurs on. Airlines don't allow it on planes, and I wasn't fixin' on busting them up on the concrete). 

You want a perfect 10. And I'm here to help make all of that happen.
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Getting Strippers To Your Room And Hiring Private Dancers

If you've ever been in a strip club before than you've tried to get a stripper to come home with you. And, if you're on this website reading this than it means you've been in a strip club. It's okay to admit it, we've all been there. But unlike your small town local club where all it takes is a couple of vodka Redbulls and the promise of any assortment of narcotics, that's now it works in Vegas. It takes a heck of a lot more to get a girl from one of the top-notch clubs to go home with you. Some of these girls are professional porn stars, which is great and all, but they get paid major cash for "adult" content on a regular basis, which means you're going to have to drop a year's worth of mortgage payments on getting one of them to the hotel. If you're lucky. 

It's enough to pull your hair out. 

But you don't need to do it that way. And yeah, when I first arrived in Sin City I tried to go at it that way. Perhaps I was successful once or twice (I'll never kiss and tell), but the odds are not in your favor, and if you're only going to be in Vegas for a few days you need to stack those odds. Just remember, the house always wins in Vegas, so you need to find a way to turn your hotel room into the house. 

How do you go about doing that? With Las Vegas private strippers you cut the difficult part out. You also cut the time-consuming and expensive part of the process out. Finding the right strip club with the right strippers is already a process. Then you need to find a stripper you're interested in, grab her attention, and work on her (aka toss copious amounts of cash at her, or be a celebrity).

Trust me, I get the thrill of the chase. There's something incredibly rewarding about going out, no safety net, finding someone you really like, and then getting them back in the hotel room. But this is Vegas and, at least when you visit, you need to focus on the prize: a perfect 10. There's no better way to do that than by ordering a Vegas stripper right to your room.

More About My Techniques As Your Perfect Wingman

So why in the world should you listen to me? Sure, you don't know me, but I was once you. I once arrived in Vegas, the flashy lights and naked bodies reflecting in my eyes. And I made every single mistake one can make. But, because I've called Vegas home now for years I've learned from those mistakes. I've learned what works and what will probably end up costing you a lot of money while netting no action. I've seen far too many head-strong guys try and fail. 

As your wingman I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen. I'm here to answer your questions about how do strip clubs work (they're designed to separate you from your money, one way or another), and I can dive deeper into what happens in VIP rooms. Some VIP rooms can lead to anything and everything. Other's it's just another way to siphon money from your wallet (and sometimes it depends on who the bouncer for the VIP room is on that night). 

Don't waist your time, your energy, or your money figuring this out on your own. Let me give you every strip club review and Las Vegas adult entertainment overview.

Sam E. Goode

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What You Can Expect Out Of This Site?

That's what I'm giving you and that's what you'll get out of this site. Knowledge on how to connect with those perfect 10s around Vegas. I'm going to point you in the direction of some of the finest women in the world. You'll learn how to book them, how to ask for additional services you might have an eye on, how to decide on a Las Vegas outcall massage, and also what pitfalls to avoid, because there are plenty of them here. 

With my experience and this website, you'll avoid the money traps and time-sucks, all while having the most epic time in Las Vegas imaginable.



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