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You've decided it. You're gonna hire yourself an escort. Maybe you told someone. Perhaps you've told no-one. Doesn't matter. Does it? Well, if you hire the wrong indie escort, it could. Okay, yanking your chain just a little, but an indie escort can be tricky. Kind of like when that buddy of yours who's the "music guy" tells you to check out this new "indie group" he's discovered. You have zero clue what you're getting yourself into. They could be the tits. Or you might want to stick your head in the oven after. Well, you still have a bit more control over that kind of situation when booking an independent escort, as long as you do your research. And no, I don't mean the skim research you did for high school econ class just to pass. I mean legit research. Because if you're not up for it, there are other escort options. 

The "Classic" Listing Websites

Yeah, there are those old classic Las Vegas independent escorts sites like Craigslist and Backpages. And yes, those websites have been shut down, locked up, thrown down a well, and that well has been jettisoned into space. But there's always another website to come along and replace it. Maybe you come across one you look at the prices and they look better than what escort agencies are charging. Makes sense. With the agency you're paying a finder's fee. And with that off-brand website you are the finder.

But before you pick up the phone, do some background checking. 

Other Reviews

Most of these independent websites now allow previous clients to "verify" the individual. They can rate and review their interactions with the girl without going into details. Ideally that's what you want. A verified individual. As is the case with any other professional, an escort has a reputation to uphold, so not being verified isn't going to help them out.
If the girls aren't verified, yet there's a reason. So, if it was me, I'd steer clear of those "cross your finger and hope that it's okay” bookings.

Do You Know Of Them?

Maybe you haven't found them on some third-party website or you haven't found a verified listing of them somewhere, but someone you know and trust has given you the information. If you truly trust this person than go ahead. Or maybe you're privy on some high-end escort information, because there are some out there who have no listings at all. Just very secretive word of mouth. Well if you're that of a big shot how about sending your ol' pal here a little tip, eh?

But if you know them, know of them, or have very good intel on them, then you should be fine.

Meeting Up

If, for whatever reason, you do decide to go off the cuff and book a random independent escort that isn't verified and you didn't research them, meet in a very public place. Not like in a random way-off-the-strip dive bar. Do it at a restaurant in the casino of the hotel you're staying in. You'll need to perform an in-person vetting before you even consider going back to your room. And if it doesn't feel right, then trust your gut. Trust me, here in Vegas, trusting your gut is one of the most important lessons to learn. 
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