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And now we come to the third option for hiring yourself an escort: a Las Vegas escort directory. You may have come across some of these during your research for escorts. Sites like Slixa, TER, Eros, or even p411 are common ones, although there are probably dozens of others. Are they worth checking out? Do they have benefits? Should you power down your computer and instantly send it into the pits of hell after visiting one? I've got your answers (and don't worry, there will be no pit-throwing for your computer. At least with regards to this information). 

Are There Benefits?

Sure. Escort directories will show you all of the escorts that claim to be working in the given area. And Vegas, given that it is Vegas, is one of the most popular cities in the world when it comes to escorts. Independent escorts will list here as will as agencies. It's a solid spot to gather some information, names, photographs, and so on. If you were wondering about an indie escort and didn't know if they were legit, seeing them on here can help swing the tide in her direction, although it doesn't always mean it's a sure thing (more on that in a bit). Don't worry if you see repeats here and on other sites. Some girls or agencies just like to advertise, and sharing their information on directories is good for business. 

Directories usually don't take any real cut from bookings. There might be a small listing fee, or they might only take money off of the advertisements placed on the website, so typically the booking price isn't any different from here than other locations, although it doesn't hurt to look. 

It Can Be Overwhelming

Sometimes there's such thing as too many options. It would be like coming to Vegas to see a stripper. Only when you arrive every single stripper that works in Vegas is standing there, and you have to pick out one from the bunch. Tough call. Almost better to just close your eyes and point. 

Now, there are some ways to clear out those to avoid. You can check to see who is verified and who isn't. I'd avoid the non-verrified accounts. Some will be listed as inactive. Again, I'd not waist my time. That should trim away a large number of the profiles. It's still a lot to take in, but it might not be the worst thing in the world to look over. 

Take What You Can From It

An escort directory can be especially valuable when it comes to booking an escort, and that's even if you don't end up using the directory to book an escort directly from it. It's a solid research tool and will give you more information on varying escorts. I have nothing against using it, and it's a fine spot for locating girls that aren't listed with agencies (such as some porn stars). But as always, listen to your gut and not the little brain further south. 
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