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Raquel Keeps It Classy

Written by Raquel

raquel3 lvp10sHello there and welcome to my first blog posting! I'm Raquel, and I'm one of the many escorts available to hire in Las Vegas. If you are visiting the area, you'll be happy to know that our escorts are available at all times day or night for dates with clients. I am an escort who specializes in providing companionship to foreign visitors. Read on to learn what amenities you'll receive if you book a date with me!

Beauty Beyond Your Imagination

If you look at my profile on our main website page, you'll see I'm a very beautiful woman. I take pride in my looks and have worked hard to get my body sculpted to my liking. I exercise regularly to achieve this. If you are looking for the best of the best, then you'll definitely want a date with me! I'll make heads turn and all eyes will be upon us wherever we are together. You'll love the attention that others give to us! You'll feel like a VIP, and rightfully so! You'll have one of the hottest women tending to your desires.

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Michelle Shares Secrets For A Fun Bachelor Party

Written by Michelle

michelle3 lvp10sWhen a guy decides to pop the big question to his partner, there's bound to be a celebratory event with his closest comrades is it gets closer to his wedding date. I'm Michelle, and I'm just one of the pretty escorts with plenty of experience in keeping guys happy at bachelor parties in the Vegas area. Here are a few secrets I have found help to spice up this type of event, making it one that participants will remember long after it comes to an end.

Make Sure You Have A Theme For The Event

Most people will be more apt to remember an event if there is a designated theme in place. Having a party where "casino night" or a football-inspired focus is set will help promote the atmosphere desired. It isn't difficult to decide upon a theme. Simply think about what the guest of honor's hobbies are and use this as a starting point. Use the theme on invitations and with the party supplies you purchase. Encourage those attending to wear apparel that matches the theme as well. If you hire strippers, they'll also get in on the action!

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Juno And Destiny Share A Date

Written by Juno

juno3 lvp10sThere's always a time where a date comes along that surpasses your expectations when it comes to being an escort. I am Juno, and I am one of the escorts available for hire. I work with another woman, Destiny, and we are the best of friends. We, however, never had the opportunity to work together. Sure we would get together and shoot the breeze about the clients we have served, but one day we got the thrill of a lifetime. Read on to find out about this special session!

It Was A Normal Day In The Escort World

We are on call and will be alerted when someone wants to have a date with us. I was at home and got the text message indicating there was an important client in town that wanted to meet up with me. Great! That means some cash in my pocket and the chance to go out and do something fun. I dressed the part and head out to the meeting point hoping to find a client that wanted to get to know me better. When I arrived, I was stunned to see Destiny hanging out on the arm of a handsome man. Did she happen to be in the area with one of her clients? When they both saw me, they indicated that I was to join them...what? I'm part of this date too? This was a new one for me!

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Planning A Bachelor Party Has Never Been Easier

Written by Cindi

cindi3 lvp10sYou've been given the great honor of hosting a bachelor party for a friend or family member. Congratulations! This is an exciting prospect and you undoubtedly want to give your all to ensure those in attendance have a time they won't be soon to forget. One feature that is absolutely a must when having a bachelor party, is some women to spend time with. Hiring escorts is a fantastic way to have gorgeous women available for the event. Here's what our service provides when your focus is planning a memorable bachelor party.

Someone For Everyone

It is very important to have enough women available so each guy in attendance is not left sitting on his own without someone to converse with. We have so many women to choose from, it may be a bit difficult to decide who you want to attend. Take a look at our website and browse the profiles of our available escorts. We have women of different ethnicities, ages, and features so you have a diverse bunch available to tend to party guests. 

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Hire Perfect 10 Models To Promote Your Business At CONEXPO-CON/AGG

Written by Betsy

betsy2 lvp10sAre you planning on having a booth set up at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG this year? Business can easily expand due to the high volume of vistors at this event, so being prepared with the right layout and props is a must. One way to boost your sales is by having a sexy model or two onhand to keep potential customers enthralled. Read on to learn more.

Give Us A Call To Get Started

Beautiful women seem to attract men from all walks of life. If you want guys to come to your featured area, having a pretty lady or two ready to wow them with conversation is a great way to draw attention. All you need to do is give us a call and let us know where your booth is going to be located and how many women you would like to hire. Our escorts will come dressed professionally according to the type of business you represent. If you have a preferred appearance in mind, check out our website and select a model or two that meets your criteria.

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Susan Explains Why She Loves A Happy Ending

Written by Susan

susan1 lvp10sEverything that starts eventually ends. Sure things can go on forever, but in most cases, there is a high point to any type of action. My name is Susan, and I am just one of the many escorts available to provide you with companionship on any level. If you hire me or one of my coworkers, you'll have the benefit of having a sexy woman to spend time with you wherever you wish. When you get back to your place at the end of your time together, there are usually questions about what takes place. Let me assure you, you'll be completely pleased. Here's why I love a happy ending when spending time with a client.

You'll Learn Something New

Anytime you spend time with a new woman, there's bound to be some experiences you didn't ever have in the past. Everyone is different, meaning, you'll hear new stories, find out new information, and be able to explore the body of someone you haven't ever seen before. With this newness comes curiosity. I will allow you to act upon your impulses, leaving you completely satiated when I need to leave. The goodbye is not at all sad, but rather intriguing and fulfilling as you will feel as though I had answered a question that you were pondering for quite some time. 

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Freemont Street Is A Great Place For Celebrating NYE

Written by Martina

juno5Las Vegas is known for the glamour and glitz associated with the area. Most people immediately think about "the Strip" as this is the most popular area in Las Vegas. Freemont Street is a close second. This street is every bit as exciting on New Year's Eve. Here's why.

The Sounds And Lights Can't Be Beat

Freemont Street has the world's largest video screen situated right above the pedestrian mall. People walk under this display in awe and watch nightly light and sound shows on the screen as well. This screen is nestled 90 feet above and is 1,500 feet long so you won't miss anything while you stroll up and down the street. You'll love the crisp, clear images and loud-sound projection. This helps to prime people for the upcoming fireworks, which has its own sound and light to appreciate. Grab a date and appreciate the awe she will feel as she walks through the street at your arm. You'll be close-by to help encourage her to show her excitement.

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3 Of Our Escorts' Favorite Nightclubs

Written by Claudia

ivana4Hiring an escort usually leads to a night on the town. This is a fabulous way to get to know your date better before you head back to your place for a nightcap. Where should you go though? If you aren't from the area or if you just haven't been out in recent days, finding the right location can be difficult. Here are three of our escorts' favorite nightclubs to keep in mind so you both have an exciting night before the "real" fun even begins!

Omnia At Caesars Palace

With some of the hottest names in entertainment, Omnia at Caesars Palace draws in huge crowds to listen to their music. The energy can be felt as soon as you enter and will remain with you throughout your stay. Watch your escort's eyes light up when she feels the pulse of the beat of the music and sees the exquisite surroundings, including the gorgeous chandelier centering the establishment. Large dance floors, an upper-level VIP area, and stages of musical stars will keep you and your sexy lady entertained until the wee hours of the night.

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Why You Should Go To The Fetish And Fantasy Ball

Written by Stacey

foot ribbonIn Las Vegas, there is an event called the Fetish and Fantasy Ball that is held around the Halloween holiday at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. This event is one that is frequented by popular and famous people, as well as travelers and people living in the area. Here are some reasons why you should go to this famous event this coming fall.

More Fun Than You Can Imagine

The Fetish and Fantasy Ball is an event that many people prepare for months in advance of its scheduled date. The fun-factor is extremely high, and all who attend find they want to duplicate the experience they had again the following year. To find out what the ball is all about, check out the Fetish and Fantasy Ball website to view photographs and videos of the event during past years. You will see the smiles are abundant!

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Chinese Tourists Love Vegas

Written by Cho

cho3 lvp10sIf you are traveling from the Far East to Vegas on business or for pleasure, you are likely to wonder about the attractions available to enjoy during your stay. There are several amenities in the area that Chinese tourists find absolutely superb. Here are some reasons why Chinese tourists love Vegas.

A Variety Of Places To Have A Meal

Chinese tourists enjoy trying some American traditional foods, making restaurants one of the top areas they turn to when in the city. With such an abundance of choices available, there is something sure to suit every palate at any time. With so many top chefs present in Sin City, tourists have their work cut out for them in deciding which restaurant, hotel, or eatery to visit so that they have a chance to sample American cuisine at its finest.

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Why We Love Couples as Clients

Written by Martina

martina2 lvp10s

Are you looking for just the right way to boost your love life and show your appreciation to your significant other? If you have been through the norm and you just want to try something unique, hiring an escort may be just what you (and your partner) need to make romance sizzle. We love it when couples reach out to us, and it is ever-so-easy to include an escort in your plans for an adventurous outtake on a standard date. Here are some reasons why we find couples' dates so very enticing.

We Enjoy Helping Couples Reunite

There is nothing worse than seeing a couple where each party is no longer enthralled with the other as they had been in the past. Many of our clients come to us in the hope that we can help rekindle some flame that started to extinguish from the romance fire. We are happy to say that each of our escorts has had experiences where they are able to help their clients reconnect romantically, physically, and emotionally. Sometimes it takes a special touch from another to lead the way. Our women will show each person in the partnership some tips to help get into the mood and stay that way.

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