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420 Porn

Written by Kristen Palmer

olivia3 lvp10s


Who doesn't like naked women? What would make them even better though? Naked women with pot. Now that's something to really check out. However, did you know the big time producers for porn can't just start churning out 420 porn? Yes, it's a bit strange, but it is true. They can't start showing actors or a weed model openly partaking in a narcotic. Because then there would be viable proof that they did something illegal.

Thankfully, it is getting a bit easier to find girls smoking weed with swag. You just need to know where on the net to check them out. Not to worry, because we have all your what to do with weed porn answers right here.


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Dispelling the Most Common Myths About Being an Escort

Written by Michelle

Find Out For Youself


When you hear the word escort what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Many people quickly associate escorts with prostitutes. In fact, when many people hear the word escorts they tend to have a negative opinion. This negative opinion often stems from the myths surrounding escort services and comparing it to “the oldest profession in the world.” However, this is not the case as prostitution and escorts are different professions. While prostitutes are paid for sex, escorts simply spend quality time with their clients and show them a good time while they are in town.

Here are some of the common myths about escorts that you should know.

All Escorts are Prostitutes

As already mentioned, this is not the case. The job description of an escort is what the name implies, these women escort men to social events and provide companionship


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Bachelor Party Strippers Bare All: Secrets to a Sin City Win

Written by Gretchen

Listen to her side of the story


Las Vegas or Sin City as it is well known is the ultimate destination for your bachelor party. Where else in the U.S. can you find gambling, drinking, great food, the best parties, and of course the most stunningly gorgeous women everywhere? Not only can you explore just about every sinful thought that you have had, but you also will not be judged for them!

Las Vegas is really a beautifully designed adult’s playground in the desert. It offers the perfect place to sell your soul to the devil. The best part about Vegas is that no one back home needs to know what happens while you are there. What happens in Vegas stays there, and just about everything imaginable happens in Vegas.

With that being said, why would you even consider anywhere else for your bachelor party? Of course, when you plan your bachelor party in Las Vegas you will need to choose the best venue for your event as well as the hottest strippers that you can find.


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3 Questions to Ask before Booking your Escort

Written by Raquel

Asking the right escort questions

So, you are on vacation in Las Vegas and you want to have a good time. Perhaps you are simply tired of the dating scene and just want to spend time with a beautiful woman and not have to worry about whether or not she is going to call you back.

If this sounds familiar, chances are that you have thought about hiring an escort. Now that you are thinking about it, you may be wondering how exactly you should go about it. Hiring an escort can be a bit daunting your first time as there are many horror stories out there about getting robbed or having a girl show up that looks nothing like the picture that you saw online.


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Alter Your EDC Experience By Bringing a Date Along

Written by Isabelle

Isabella is the perfect date for EDC!There is so much to see, hear and experience at the Electric Daisy Carnival, which is coming back to Las Vegas June 17 through 19. There are a variety of musical acts on different stages, rides, art and different carnival-themed performers. If you are lucky enough to have an extra ticket to the event, you may be considering bringing a friend along. However, bringing a date, such as a hot Las Vegas escort girl, can take your carnival experience to new heights. Here are some of the reasons to consider hiring LV escorts to bring along with you.

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Jump Right In! Spend Memorial Day at a Vegas Pool!

Written by Sally

Sally is a beautiful Las Vegas escort and dancerSpending Memorial Day in Vegas? If so, be prepared for warm temperatures. However, this doesn't mean you have to spend the day walking around sweaty or stuck indoors at the casino. Strip off some of your clothes in favor of a body-showcasing swimsuit and make a splash at a Vegas pool party. Here are a few of the poolside events you may want to check out around Las Vegas this Memorial Day Weekend.

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Ways to Make a Bachelor Party Unforgettable for the Soon-to-Be Groom

Written by Riley

Riley shows you her favorite outfitIf you are planning a bachelor party for one of your friends, you may be looking to go to Vegas. Vegas is a great place to have a bachelor party because there are so many exciting things to do. You can go to clubs, gamble, hang out at the pool or go to world famous strip clubs. However, if you are looking to take things to the next level and make it an unforgettable bachelor party, you may be looking for new and unique ideas. Here are a few ways you can step up your game and make it a bachelor party none of you will ever forget.

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Visiting Las Vegas? Check Out these Topless Pools

Written by Deborah

deborah2If you enjoy admiring the female figure and are planning to visit Las Vegas, visiting a topless pool while you are in town may be the perfect way for you to spend a day. You get to soak in the sun, have a drink in your hand and check out all the beautiful topless women who are doing the same. Here are a few of the best topless pools that Las Vegas has to offer.

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Upcoming Fights: What You Need to Know

Written by Naomi

The Las Vegas Fight Schedule Is Filled With Excitement

naomi3If you are traveling to Las Vegas this April, you may be interested in taking in a fight. If you have never been to a fight in Vegas, there are a few things you may want to know. Here are a list of things you should know as you prepare and go to a fight night in Las Vegas.

What Fights Are Taking Place

There are two big fights taking place in April in Las Vegas. The first is a boxing fight. The headlining fight is Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 taking place on April 9 at MGM Grand Arena. The second fight is a UFC fight. The headlining fight is Cormier vs Jones, taking place on April 23. This fight is also at MGM Grand Arena.

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Enjoy the Spring Weather With Outside Bars in Las Vegas

Written by Brianna

Las Vegas Is Simply Wonderful In Springtime

Brianna is your girl!April is one of the best times to visit Las Vegas. The weather is gorgeous, the pools are beginning to open up and there is plenty to do. So if you have spring break coming up and are wondering what to do, maybe you should plan a trip to Vegas. While in Vegas, you may wish to take advantage of the beautiful weather by hitting up one of the outside bars. Outside bars have been growing in popularity over the past couple years, so if you haven't visited in a while, you may be unfamiliar with them. Walking into the bar with a beautiful woman on your arm, having a drink or two and soaking in the amazing weather is the perfect way to spend an evening. Here are a few popular outside bars in Las Vegas.

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Check Out These DJS Coming to Clubs in Vegas

Written by Alisha

Alisha is lovely and sweetSpring break officially kicks off on March 20th. And if you are coming to enjoy your spring break in Vegas and love music, you may be curious as to which DJS are in town. However, the night doesn't have to end with music. Getting escort girls Las Vegas can make an amazing spring break mind blowing. Here are a few of the hottest DJS who will be playing during spring break 2016.

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