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Admit it. You like having someone touch you. There's a tingle-inducing feeling of having someone sensually run their fingers over your shoulders, around your neck, between your thighs. It can be teasing but nothing explicitly sexual. Or, it can be extremely sexual and all the other nonsense is out the window. A massage is an important part of my monthly health regimen. No joke. When the muscles are firing properly everything else feels good. And once something goes out of whack, well, I'm not the spring chicken I once was, so it takes a little longer to recover. 

The thing is, I partake in two kinds of massages. There's the therapy one, where the person went to school specifically for massage, studied, put in hundreds of hours of work, and now can restore muscles back to a pristine condition. And then there's the other kind. The Las Vegas in room massage. Maybe the girl didn't actually go to school for it, but with her looks and ability to sensually slide hands and fingers and legs and whatever else it's enough to make me feel truly relaxed. 
A massage in Las Vegas sent directly to your room is also the kind of adult service I recommend the most. It's fun, memorable, and it will ruin all other massages for you. But before you book one, here's what you need to know to get the most out of the service. Trust me, it'll leave you thinking about that, "massage in my hotel room" for a long time. 

Consider What You Like

There are two real choices you will need to make when booking an in room massage. The first is which girl, and the second is the kind of massage. I'm going to tell you to first decide what kind of service you want. You can usually switch it up when the girl arrives, unless it requires specific oils. She might still have some in her bag, but you just never know. Some girls specialize in the kind of massage, so pick out the style and go from there. 

This way, you won't settle for some massage you didn't really want (but you'll still love) just because you fell in love with a girl.  

Please, Please, Please, Shower

Shower beforehand. Don't be that guy. If you want to hear horror stories listen to in room massage escorts exchange stories with one another. There's some true funk going on. So shower and do yourself up. But refrain from too much cologne. In fact, I'd say if you have to wear some, go really, really easy on it. Some girls are allergic or they might be turned off by the smell. You don't want her sniffling because you went overboard with Calvin Klein's Obsession.  

Be Up Front But Don't Be Forceful

You might want some additional services that are not listed on the website. It happens. You're two adults. Never know what might go down. But don't force it. Chances are it will come up over the course of your interactions (unless you didn't shower). 

Get Extra Bedding

Oh, how many times did I make this mistake. You're in your Vegas hotel, you get your massage, it's amazing, you're all oiled up, and you realize you're on your bed, getting it all oily. Not going to want to sleep in that. So, before having the girl come to your room, ask your hotel staff for, at the very least, some extra bedding or towels. This way you'll be covered and you'll better enjoy yourself following the massage.  

Have A Backup Option

Have you ever been ordering food on the phone, the person tells you they're out of the particular item you want, and so you panic order. The panic order never works. It comes, it doesn't live up to what you really wanted, and now you're just grumpy. Sometimes that happens with booking an in room massage. The girl you want might be taken. Have a second and even a third backup in mind, just in case. 

Relax and Enjoy

Above all the other services I continue to order myself a Las Vegas outcall massage. They're wondering, relaxing, and everyone enjoys them. Even if girls are in your group they can partake. Just follow these steps and you'll be golden. 
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