January 12, 2022

Top Adult Entertainment Options For 2022

Boy, we sure live in an interesting time, don't we? I stopped trying to figure the world out a long time ago, and I suggest you do the same. Because the moment you think you've got it all put together, that's usually when the pieces crumble to the floor. So I wish I could tell you I knew exactly what the protocols are going to be here in Vegas when you visit, but I'd be lying to you if I said I did. And anyone else that says as much is a bull-faced liar and you shouldn't be listening to them at all.

Course, that doesn't mean you should just cancel your trip. Heck no. Just means you'll need to have some alternatives in mind. I'm not going to dive down that road of talking politics with you. That's not what you're here for. Good chance you're coming to Vegas to get a little R&R from talking it. Can't say that I blame you much for that. So, to help out, I'm going to point out the best adult entertainment in 2022 that'll keep you safe while letting you have the most fun possible.

Online Ordering

You can order anything online these days. And yeah, here in Vegas, that includes marijuana, edibles, and all sorts of dispensary goodies. Visiting these different places in person can be, well, a little strange sometimes. Locals don't even do it all that much now because most spots close to the strip are packed with tourists wanting to legally purchase a little bud.

Skip the lines and the cattle calls and instead just order your product online. You can have it delivered directly to where you're staying. Course, I'd say to make sure and check your hotel's smoking requirements. You don't want to be slapped with a smoking fine, because those can get pretty nasty. If you are at a hotel, edibles are the way to go. But if you're planning in advance, chance for an AirBNB that's marijuana friendly.


Card Tables

Not not a slots fan. Never have been. For me it takes away any possible skill and instead forces you to rely on luck. But hey, I know some people love slots. The thing is slots are so congested with people on their fifth pack of cigarettes it's hard to breathe. I know more people that have come down with a cold from hanging out in the slots section of a casino than from anywhere else.

So if you're feeling like gambling, head over to the card tables. Whether you're a poker fan, have been practicing your black jack, or another specialty card game catches your eye, I'd recommend playing cards. More spaced out, less smoke, better HVAC system pumping.


Gentlemen's Clubs

For the time being I'm going to say skip the sptip club VIP room or the crowded table shows. Instead, if you want that strip club experience, pony up to a corner booth somewhere and let the girls come to you. It's much more relaxing, and you have more control. Then, if you want to have more fun with strippers, order one to your room.


Strippers To Your Hotel

Like I said, you can get anything delivered to your hotel here in Vegas, and that includes Las Vegas hotel strippers. I'd say ditch the club in general and just have the girls go straight to you, but I get it. Part of the Vegas experience is visiting a strip club. Pop in for a drink, but save the real fun for the hotel and the girls direct to you services.


In-Room Massage

Avoid massage parlors. You're better than that. Who knows what the hell is up with those tables or what's gone done before your visit. Instead, book yourself a Vegas in room massage. The best massage parlors in Las Vegas take place inside your hotel room, where you're comfortable, relaxed, drinks are cheaper, and you have real privacy with your girl.


You Can Still Have Fun

You can still have plenty of adult fun this year. There will always be beautiful women, drinks, and some dispensary magic at your disposal. You just need to know how to play your cards right. Take my advice to heart and you won't have any problems, you'll stay safe, and you'll have a blast. So keep on planning your Vegas vacation, just keep your ear to the ground and listen to what's happening. Long as you do that, you and your group will be good to go.

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