May 2, 2023

Why Do People Book Party Buses To Las Vegas?

Taking A Party Bus to Vegas

In my younger years I wasn't always living in Vegas. I didn't exactly stumble into Sin City, but over the years I lived in a number of cities, including a few in SoCal. In fact, the first time I headed out to Vegas wasn't on some blind bachelor party flying in from Atlanta. Na, it was while I called metro LA home. It was the "physically" closest I'd ever been, even though in reality it isn't exactly a short drive. And for anyone that's every driven across the desert before, you know just how much of a boring drive that can be.

Not only are there hours of nothing but there's not many stop-off spots either. There might still be a few damp areas along the highway where I had to stop and relieve myself. Sometimes you see one of those "next service station 50 miles" signs and decide to just stop and go.

I love my visit to Vegas. Hell, it's one reason I call it home now. But that drive was not one I'd ever want to do again, and it's why I always recommend renting out a party bus from LA to Vegas.

Why The Party Bus?

Spend a few hours on the open desert, and you'll understand. And if you do it in the summer it's hotter than a cowboys balls during rodeo season. There's not many attractions to stop and see, and any that are worth seeing are close enough to Vegas you can take a tour bus to check out later on.

With the uncomfortable drive there's also the drag of knowing you're about to have fun, but that you're also a few hours away. Road trips are great, but at the same time you and your carload full of friends will be exhausted by the time you get in. You'll want to shower, eat something, take a nap, and by the time you're done that first day in Vegas is shot. That's some serious time real estate if you're only going to be in Vegas for a long weekend.

So by getting the party started earlier with a Las Vegas party bus you'll also skip out on the exhausting driving, feeling groggy, and the need to take a nap. Plus all the bus drivers know where all the Vegas clubs and nightlife are. They will be happy to take you anywhere while you have a luxurious party at the same time. You will get a real Vegas experience. Plus a party bus rental is no more cost than most basic limousine services.

Your Only Real Travel Option

Okay, so you don't want to drive. What are your other options? If you're leaving from LA, San Diego, or Phoenix, the only other real option is to hop on a plane. And do you really want to jump on a plane? It'll end up being a 90-minute flight, you'll spend triple that in an airport, and you'll end up paying as much in airport food and booze as you did on the ticket itself.

So what else is there? Nothing. Not joking. I don't joke when it comes to all things transportation. Vegas doesn't have an Amtrak train station, so you can't hop on from Phoenix or Southern California. They're talking about it right now. The most recent federal budget does have heaps of cash dedicated to rail improvements and route expansion. One of the proposed routes is LA and San Diego to Las Vegas (sorry, Phoenix, as another city without an Amtrak station the only proposed plan right now is back and forth between Tucson). You could call me a two-faced fibber if that line between SoCal and Las Vegas doesn't get approved, but we all know how government construction contracts go, and that's years down the road.

Okay, so there might be Greyhound and random tour buses that make the journey, but trust me, you don't want to ride one of those. Great for people watching? Absolutely. Is it a luxurious party? Nope. Great for travel? Not at all. You can't even drink on Greyhound (bastards confiscated a shiny new bottle of tequila I bought for a friend years back when returning from Mexico. Last time I ever set foot on that bus chain). There is no flat screen for movies on a Greyhound either.

What About Party Bus Las Vegas Prices?

Prices are going to be all over the place, depending on where you're leaving from, the size of your bus, and just how swank you want to get. I've found party bus setups that take 10 to 18 people departing out of LA, Orange County, or wherever you are in SoCal starting at about $1,700. Split that between 18 friends and that's less than $100 a pop. Cram that many into a handful of cars and you're probably paying at least that (and with parking it might be more) per person.

Phoenix is a bit more sporadic. You're not going to find as many service providers, but you're also going to pay less. Why? Oh, because Southern California has to charge you Southern California prices, and no matter how much Scottsdale wants to be the Beverly Hills of metro Phoenix, there's still a big difference and the prices reflect in that. So if you see prices running for $1,700 for a party of up to 18 people taking people from LA to Las Vegas, just know you're going to pay less when heading out from Phoenix?

My best suggestion when booking yourself a Las Vegas party bus is to do it early on. The prices doesn't always change, but you'll have better access to the entire fleet of vehicles. No need to overpay on a bus that's twice the size you need just because everything was already pre-booked before you got on and reserved your own.

Don't Wait For Your Party

Anticipation is a great thing. But not while you're driving. In fact, if you pardon my French, it blows. That drive in to Vegas is the worst. Heck, even when living in Henderson I hated the drive in, and you can see downtown Las Vegas an the Strip from the city. Don't wait to get your party started. Let the party start before you even get to Vegas. And there's no better way to do that than with a party bus to Vegas.

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