Open Bar Nights

Open Bar Nights

Are you looking for the best strip club in Vegas? When you allow my wife and I to assist you, you’ll enjoy unlimited premium drinks, free round trip transportation and a free lap dance. We know that this sounds too good to be true but we’ll tell you more about the best Sunday night party that Las Vegas has to offer.

Open Bar Night at HustlersGive us the chance to set the scene for you. You’ll be surrounded by Las Vegas strippers and hot Vegas babes while drinking top-shelf liquors. The bar and cocktail staff will also be on hand to party with you on their day off. In addition to a free limo to the club, you’ll also find out more about Larry Flynt Hustlers Las Vegas prices beforehand.

You may not have realized that the club serves free food. You’ll also have the chance to take a closer look at the Hustler Bistro menu. When you contact my wife and I to learn more about these nights out, you gain more than a special experience. You’ll get the chance to look like a true Vegas insider. Your party won’t be subjected to the annoyances that Vegas novices go through.

The night that you are about to have will be absolutely legendary. Anyone who is in Las Vegas on a Sunday night and looking to have the time of their life will be here. We’ll give you all of the tips and pointers about the club so you can have a night that you won’t soon forget. Hustlers is THE place to be on Sunday nights and for good reason. There’s even an open bar from 4 to midnight!

Well drinks are provided from 4 to 8 and premium liquor is served from 8 to 12. We’ve got you covered from a food and transportation standpoint and all you need is $50 to cover the door price. A free lap dance from the stripper of your dreams is included in the asking price, in case you are wondering.

If you’re not willing to take our word for it, check out some of these testimonials:

My wife and I had an absolute blast! We drank Patron for hours, danced with the hottest strippers we have ever seen and the free ride was absolutely clutch. A million thanks to Candy and Andre!

M. Odessa, San Diego, CA

When me and my girls came to town, we wanted a bachelorette party for the ages. Candy and Andre delivered the goods in every aspect. Don’t come to Las Vegas without letting them know!

S. Brown, Albany, NY

Open BartenderI’m no stranger to Vegas and I’d like to think that I know all of the best spots in town. As soon as I spoke with Andre and Candy, I realized that I had much to learn. They gave me the tips I needed to take my Vegas getaway to a whole new level. I’ve never had a trip quite like this one, that is for sure.

A. Adair, Minneapolis, MN



How does an 8-hour open bar for the cost of 2 drinks sound to you? Pretty heavenly, right? Top shelf liquor is served during 4 of the 8 hours, in case you need further enticement. A free ride is offered and we urge you to contact us as soon as you are ready to learn more. My wife and I are happy to help.


The hottest male and female strippers that Las Vegas has to offer will be present on Sunday nights. It’s a Sunday night rager that you will not want to miss. The sexiest strippers of your dreams are on stage and the club is filled with gorgeous cocktail and bar staff. It’s the best party in town, bar none!

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Strippers To Your Room